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Western Red Cedar

Scientific name: Thuja plicata 


Western Red Cedar can live for 1000 years and grow up to 65 to 70 m tall and 3 to 7 m in trunk diameter. 

Legend has it that a person can receive the tree’s strength by simply standing with their back to the trunk.


Timber: Western Red Cedar can vary from almost pink to very light ‘sandy’ brown right through to extremely dark, rich, red tones. It has a straight grain and uniform texture.

Western Red Cedar is known for being soft and easy to work It has a high resistance to decay and is very durable due to the natural preservatives present in the wood.

Brillaint for damp areas – classic for hot tubs , expands to become naturally water tight.


Common use : Classically used for roofing shingles and widely used in the quality garden building trade for its attractive appearance and distinctive smell as well as waterproof. Its also brilliant for exterior cladding.



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