Scientific name: Pseudotsuga menziesii


Douglas Fir is an extremely large evergreen tree, which grows up to 50 m tall . As the trees grow taller in denser forest, they lose their lower branches, such that the foliage may start high off the ground. In environments with more light branches start much closer to the ground.


Timber: Pinkish, very strong and stable with beautiful grain. Douglas Fir is very durable and stable, doesn’t wear and  looks great


Common uses: , Douglas Fir is the strongest of all the softwoods so it’s great for structural work in new builds and extensions. It is often used in place of green oak where strength and stability are key, especially for balconies and big beams. One of the most popular choices for Timber Framing, bridges, and high- class joinery inc  staircase and handrails. 



Max sizes available :  10m x 50 cm diameter, 9 x 3 planks.


Grades: C18-C24




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